Why are stem cell treatments not regulated?

Stem cells are a heavily regulated therapy contrary to popular belief established in mis-reported news casts that do not focus on details. Stem cells must meet all Institutional and government regulations to be used for therapy.

All cell therapy must meet Class 100 laboratory certification and government run medical Association approvals. The cells must meet standards that are higher than those used to evaluate a vaccine.

Stem cells may be used from sources that do not do harm and cause no side effects or genetic alteration or tumor propagation. Stem cells that come from the same person and returned to this person is approved in many conditions. Stem cells are found in all human blood and have been transplanted to other people during a blood transfusion every day on planet Earth for over 200 years.

The stem cells in human blood are the hidden healing power of a transfusion and the reason people are protecting of the family blood line, purity being the key.

Stem cells used from Umbilical cord and amniotic fluid are used in hospitals to treat children for many neurologic and genetic conditions.