Vaginal Rejuvenation/Low Labido

While much of the discussion about cosmetics on a women’s privates is focused on surgical labial reduction, other state-of-the-art and effective procedures, are improving women’s sexual health.  G-spot magnification, a technique that appears to enlarge the famed Grafenberg spot, can enhance a woman’s ability to experience the full range of sexual pleasure.  This is sometimes called the orgasm shot. Together prp and amniotic stem cell applications vaginal enhancement and tightening along with mucosal

Regeneration making the actual tissue appear younger, resulting in renewed confidence and increased sensation a self-reinforcing win-win that allows women to get more out of their physical relationships. When used in vaginoplasty, the result of stem cell treatment is that genital skin becomes suppler and more attractive, while looking and feeling completely natural. The technique has proved to be a powerful aid in correcting a number of issues involving the level of sensation as well as the appearance of the vaginal area. The causes of these issues can range from aging and childbirth to tight clothing and even certain athletic activities.

All woman want to feel that their most private secrets are kept healthy and vibrant.  Drying and weakness of muscles associated with poor vaginal function and urinary leakage can ruin, a life.  It turns out Pluripotent stem cells have been shown to rejuvenate the vagina, increase hydration and tighten muscles.  In addition, stem cell therapy applied to the uterine wall can increase endometrial thickness to reduce secondary scarring from previous abortion, increasing the likelihood of fertility at a later age.

The G-Shot mentioned earlier, but not forgotten or Orgasm shot delivers growth factors that allow for rejuvenation of your tissues, nerves, and vascular structures which in turn improve sensation and strengthen orgasmic response. Additional reported benefits include improvement in painful intercourse and urinary symptoms including urinary incontinence.

The “G” or Orgasm Shot®

12 Promised benefits include:

  1. Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • 2. Younger, smoother skin of the vulva (lips of the vagina).
  • 3. A tighter introitus (vaginal opening)
  • 4. Increased arousal from G-spot stimulation
  • 5. Pinker, younger, color of the vulva
  • 6. Stronger orgasm, More frequent orgasm
  • 8. Increased sexual desire
  • 9. Increased ability to have a “vaginal orgasm”
  • 10. Decreased pain sex, Increased natural lubrication
  • 12. Decreased urinary incontinence.

Women can now truly see the end of urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, sensation loss, weak muscles and sagging, while receiving and special “G” shot that brings back the joy of sex, end of the “Call of Duty.” All of this is proven in the link that you are welcome to revue.