The rate at which we age is determined by many factors and there are many advances that have helped to reduce suffering and factors of ageing, but the most recent discovery of stem cells have proven to reverse many factor including high blood sugar, weakened heart pumping ability and even, a digestive ulcer, all at the same time after only one simple intravenous application.  The potential to reverse years of illness happens in weeks, healing is accelerated.

Stem cells that have the 8 Stem Cell Factors noted are capable of producing these effects, but the ones that have the tightest telomere junctions (the closest to embryonic potential to slow aging rapidly) are those in the pluripotent state.

Amniotic Stem Cells are pluripotent with the powerful ability to slow down the rate of aging, and here is the published proof:

Here is clear proof that cells from amniotic fluid origin that are pluripotent stem cells that are harvested, incubated and given in a high enough number will produced anti-aging effects that will decrease inflammation, control high blood sugar, decrease tumor growth rates, and increase bone marrow production while at the same time boosting immune function.


You only need to click the link and see the published facts.  You can expect these cells, given intravenously, to heal all of these locations generally reducing the effects of aging through-out the body.  All those nagging signs of growing old seem to vanish or heal in weeks to months.   Nerve spasms, tingling in the toes, failing eye sight, slow digestion, reflux burning, night restlessness, snoring, hair greying and thinning along with the appearance of fine lines are signs that chronic condition is coming home to roost.

Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells that surround a baby being born turn back the metabolic clock on the cells and re-tune systems to bring life back to that run down feeling. Pluripotent cells are like sending 60 million mechanics from the Formula 500 racing crew mechanics pit into your body to fix your engines.

Amniotic Fluid Stem Cells make people feel re-born because they will work in all of the areas in the picture and in this case it does say a thousands words, all of them pointing toward rapid total body healing and age deceleration.