Fertility is the key to life on Earth and is the hallmark of an Amniotic or Pluripotent Stem Cell whose entire existence is dedicated to regenerating life.  It is not miraculous to find that there are stem cells in the female ovary and that when we apply the therapy the once small and fragile eggs become more stable and increase in number.

The best way to undoubtedly prove this assertion would be to recover the ovary of a patient that had chemotherapy and radiation to fight cancer.   We have published evidence that the powerful effects of Amniotic Pluripotent Stem Cells have the power to bring back fertility to a once damaged ovary.

Fertility recovery in the most sever cases after chemotherapy are sometimes the best measure of the most effective way to increase potential for gestation.  AFSCs were transplanted into the ovaries with POF (Premature Ovarian Failure) six weeks post induction using chemotherapeutic drugs, busulfan and cyclophosphamide. AFSCs could rescue the reproductive ability of POF by preventing follicle atresia and sustaining the healthy follicles or eggs. These findings demonstrated the therapeutic effects of AFSCs and suggested the promise of AFSCs for treating infertility and POF caused by chemotherapy.


You can click on the link with published evidence that the 8 Stem Cell factors noted earlier are needed to produce these effects and that they are available through Asia Stem Cells.  Amniotic Stem Cells may be used for patients that have failed IVF or would like to insure a result for the heavy cost of fertility therapy.