Erectile Dysfunction

The world of erectile dysfunction has a new game changer added to the list. The most recent finding involves giving men an injection of amniotic fluid (derived from the placenta’s stem cells or filtered blood into the penis. The fist men to undergo such treatment were able to see significant improvement in their sexual performance. The study that found this was published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association (January 2016 issue).

A broad overview of how it works is just that the stem cells go into the penis chamber responsible for giving men an erection (corpora cavernosum) and are able to re-build/repair/grow healthier blood vessels, tissues, and result in better function that was once there but now lost.  Besides the stem cells, the injection that seems to be nearly curing erectile dysfunction also includes some growth factors.

You can think of it like the end all to Viagra because this procedure helps men in the same way, but the means to get there are re-building instead of a chemical that makes blood vessels widen.

Finally, men will be able to feel masculine without drugs, surgery or unusual devices, normal function returns using a natural method that dates back to day we are born, amniotic stem cells reverse erectile dysfunction.

Strong evidence supports the concept that stem cell therapy is potentially the next therapeutic approach for ED.


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-All 35 studies reported improved erectile function with SC transplantation in ED patients.