Arthritis/Joint/Back Pain

The most common symptom of aging and life is lower back and joint pain.  Our joints receive their fair share of wear and tear with time.   Before we see a line around the eyes or a grey hair we will feel our joints losing their flexibility.   This is the reason the young run like the wind without concern.   As we age we learn the value of falling down and take it step-by-step missing those good ole’ days when we could go 18 holes in the afternoon hot sun and dance into the light of the full moon pain free.

The good ole’ days are not over!

Pluripotent stem cells have been shown and proven to not only regrow cartilage, bone and ligaments they have been helpful in improving blood flow and nerve function to relieve pain in the knees and hips.

Here is direct proof in a review of Sports Medicine journals proving the value of pluripotent stem cells.

Amniotic membrane (AM)-derived products have been successfully used in ophthalmology, plastic surgery, and wound care, but little is known about their potential applications in orthopaedic sports medicine.  Here is an updated review of the basic science and preclinical and clinical data supporting the use of AM-derived products and to review their current applications in sports medicine.

A systematic search of the literature was conducted using the Medline, EMBASE, and Cochrane databases. The search term amniotic membrane was used alone and in conjunction with stem cell, orthopaedic, tissue engineering, scaffold, and sports medicine.  The search identified 6870 articles.

Amniotic membranes have many promising applications in sports medicine. They are a source of pluripotent cells, highly organized collagen, antifibrotic and anti-inflammatory cytokines, immunomodulators, and matrix proteins.  These properties may make it beneficial when applied as tissue engineering scaffolds, improving tissue organization in healing, and treatment of the arthritic joint.

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