How do I make an informed decision about stem cell treatment?
Is it Safe?

This is the best queston and we are happy to offer 7 key factors needed for an informed decision with respect to stem cell therapy:

  1. Are the cell treatments evidenced by research, publication and certificate?
  2. Are the cell treatments evidenced by result, without side effect?
  3. Are the cell treatments evidenced by no risk of cancer formation?
  4. Are the cell treatments evidenced by high vitality and viability?
  5. Are the cell treatments evidenced by full telomeres?
  6. Are the cell treatments evidenced by positive testimonials?
  7. Are the cell treatments evidenced by practitioner personal use?

These factors assure safety and the best return on investment in a stem cell treatment. Safety is our primary concern, and answer YES to all seven factors!

In the end we want the safest most powerful stem cell that can come from your body, but in some cases we need a boost of stem cells from a younger source. Our VSEL and Fat Derived stem cells are sourced from your fat or blood and returned to you without manipulation or alteration.

Getting stem cells from a young source, as close to an embryo as possible, that nurtured the gestating child during pregnancy and was central to the growth of every organ in the human body would be the best. These stem cells are found in the fluid that surrounded the child, Amniotic Fluid stem cells.

Amniotic Fluid contains stem cells that are free of side effect, genetic alteration or mutation and are as powerful as the Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (IPSC) that were awarded a Nobel Prize in 2012. These cells are harvested at a Joint Commission International Hospital that is at the same level of certification for safety as a University Hospital, like Harvard Mass General.

Asia Stem Cells offers Human Placenta Extract or HPE, derived of growth factors and progenitor stem cells have the ability to heal many human conditions and have been applied for over 2,500 years in he East, in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is known throughout history that placenta is a healing agent that was given to babies to improve immune function, insure developmental milestones for long-term health of the child.

Placenta is an ancient healing secret of China, that can be provided to the young and the old for disease prevention and health promotion.